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At Pro Cleaning we specialize in cleaning those hard to reach places such as windows, ceilings, roofs and solar panels. We do this with specialized equipment like water fed poles and 100% purified water, and mobile evaluating platforms.

Why 100% purified water for window cleaning?

Purified water is water that has been cleaned using reverse osmosis or DI cleaning systems to take out all impurities like heavy metals, chlorine and lime to give your windows that clear and streak free shine. It helps the windows to stay cleaner for longer as it sterilizes the surface of the glass and helps to break the static on the glass. It is also environmentally friendly as it reduces the need for harsh chemicals that can pollute local water sources..


At Pro Cleaning we offer a specialized (VLM) carpet and upholstery cleaning service, that will keep your house looking its best and keep your office looking professional.

VLM Cleaning

(VLM) Very Low Moisture cleaning is a very popular cleaning method used to clean carpets, upholstery and mattresses. It uses very limited water and your drying time is between 1-2 hours depending on the type of carpet, upholstery or mattress that is cleaned.

Best for companies that wants minimal disruptions and home owners that don’t want wet carpets for days..


At Pro Cleaning we know that every business and commercial property is not the same and that they need tailor made cleaning solutions. For this reason we offer:

  • Ongoing commercial cleaning on contract basis
  • Once off commercial cleaning for that once a year BIG Clean

All work is performed by skilled and trained staff that is under onsite supervision. Our commercial cleaning services consist of routine cleaning of floors, tiles, ceilings, carpets, kitchens, bathrooms and any other cleaning that your business or commercial property may require.

We understand that some businesses can’t have a cleaning team in the office all day and for this we offer an after hour service so that the cleaning work can be performed without interfering in the running of the business.

We provide all relevant cleaning equipment and materials that will be needed like cleaning detergents, liquid soaps and toilet paper.

We offer customized cleaning solutions to:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Gyms.


At Pro Cleaning we offer our clients with restaurant kitchens and or stainless steel cookers and public restrooms, steam cleaning to help break down all the grease and grime.

Why we use steam?

One of the benefits of steam cleaning is its ECO- Friendliness; it reduces the amount of water needed for large cleaning jobs and the need for harsh chemicals. We use steam for various applications like restaurant kitchen deep cleaning, school cafeteria cleaning, cleaning of public- school- or office restrooms and caravans boats etc. Steam does not only thoroughly clean but sanitizes and deodorize as well..


At Pro Cleaning we use Industrial strength vacuum cleaners that are fitted with high grade HEPA filters to trap the dust vacuumed up to make sure it doesn’t blow back into your roof cavity.

Why should it be done?

Roof cavities is full of filth that gets left behind by unwelcome pests like rats, birds and bats that leave their droppings and sometimes their carcasses in the roof cavities. The droppings eventually turns to dust and enters your home through light fittings and cracks as your house moves and flexes with thermal expansion. The dust ends up on your furniture and bed and in the air that you and your family breaths.

We use a sanitizing spray after we have vacuumed to kill of any bacteria or mold causing spores..


At Pro Cleaning we offer the service for when things has gone wrong. At some point in time it happens that geysers or pipes burst and that hundreds of liters of water can end up in your carpet or in a place where is can’t flow away and will end up creating damage to property.

Why and how do we do this?

Floodwater is when an excess of water ends up in your carpet or house. The carpet is unable to dry by itself and will start to rot, leaving mold causing spores and bad smells.

We use the high power industrial Pro Vac to remove the excess water from the carpet to a point where the carpet will be able to dry by itself without the rot setting in, saving our clients a lot of money on repair bills..


Pro Cleaning is an agent for Masterguard Fabric protection. We cover our clients warranties on the application of these products. Masterguard is a non-silicone, nontoxic water base product that will enhance the durability and life span of your fabric. We understand that for most of us furniture is an investment, let us help you to protect it.

How it works?

The special formula of Masterguard contains polymers that will surround each fiber of the fabric to prevent stains from setting into the fabric, thus protecting your fabric from the inside out. This product will prevent staining from oil- and water based stains as well as human excretions such as blood, urine etc..


At Pro Cleaning we know that hygiene is of paramount importance in the office or commercial space. Germs and bacteria can easily spread and lead to sickness and ill health if these areas are not kept hygienic and germ free.

How can we help?

We can provide a full range of hygiene services for the office and commercial space from the washroom all the way to the front desk, including hand washing and drying, air care and sanitary disposable products. We can provide all washroom products to fit your budget, washroom size as well as style. We can do this on contract or once off bases.

Products we can provide:

  • Hand washing and drying and all soaps.
  • Sanitary disposal products: she bins and sanitary bags.
  • Toilet paper and dispensers. Toilet seat sanitizers and dispensers
  • Urinal hygiene: Urine mats and blocks.
  • Baby changing facilities: dipper disposal bins and sanitary bags.
  • Medical waste disposal
  • Air care and purification
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