VLM Cleaning

Over the past 10 years the term “VLM Cleaning” has become more and more popular under cleaning companies, but what does this mean?

“VLM” Stands for “Very Low Moister” meaning that as little or even in some cases no water is used to do the job. This means that the carpets or upholstery will have a sorter drying time and that the carpets can be walked on a lot quicker then with extraction methods.

Most extraction methods uses water pressure only to clean carpets with the results being that carpets are wet for the best part of a day if not days, as most of the extraction methods can’t extract the moister from the carpets often leaving the carpets with new spots or with very bad smells.

VLM cleaning uses up to 95% less water that gives the carpet and upholstery a drying time of only a couple of hours.
Pro Cleaning uses the following steps when cleaning carpets and or upholstery:

We vacuum the carpets or upholstery with high powered industrial vacuum cleaner to insure that most if not all the dry contaminates is removed.

We then shampoo the item with our special formulated shampoo that forms foam that is then laid down.
All the contaminates that is still in the carpet or upholstery will then stick to the foam that is then picked up once the foam is picked back up.

Leaving your carpet clean and almost dry.